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 i'm currently out of town at the moment and my laptop hasn't been behaving at all here, so i haven't had the chance to really update. i'm trying to write my "main" stuff outside of this persona, they're both jurassic park related :'). i found some markiplier stuff i did start waaaaay back when, i can tell that this one was written for myself because of all the tropes i use that really appeal to me :'). i dunno if i should post it though? i'll give it more thought.

i saw id4r and was disappointed? like i knew it wasn't going to be a GOOD movie, i was just hoping that it'd at least be as fun as the first movie. it wasn't, ahhaha... mr. goldblum was beautiful and hot but i couldn't help but think "WAS DAVID LEVINSON ALWAYS KIND OF AN ASSHOLE?". dr. okun and dr. isaacs are great i love them so much!! i thought there'd be more focus on dylan (will smith's character's son), because holy shit he was one of the more "leading" character's son? i knew that there would be focus on jake, liam hemsworth's character, but oh my fucking god. if there's people complaining about how patricia is a mary sue or some shit, i'm gonna point at jake and go "UM."

tragic backstory he angsts over, steals the spotlight from the characters of the original, in a relationship with a character from the original, every "important" character from the original seems to like him or consider him important and he's seen as COOL N TALENTED (prolly insanely attractive too considering conventionally attractive white man thing) by nearly everyone. he reminds me of a fanfic character?? 

it's just kind of shitty to rip the spotlight away from a black character to give it to boring mayonnaise man. it's kind of shitty to kill off one of the few black characters in the movie. it's kind of shitty to kill one of the few female characters in the movie. it's shitty to kill a black woman after only having her be in one scene if you don't count her death sequence. it's shitty that we still have to do KILL A WOMAN TO MAKE A MALE CHARACTER SAD... ALSO MAKE THAT SAD CHARACTER NOT BE IN THE MOVIE NEARLY AS MUCH AS OUR NEW WHITE PROTAGONIST.

the movie was just kinda shitty towards it's minorities in general...? there's like 5 women in the movie, two of which are not white (vivica a fox's jasmine and angelababy's rain) and two of them die (the female president that probably definitely isn't a standin for clinton and... jasmine) after not getting a whole fucking lot of screen time (the white woman gets more than jasmine). it uses the "bury your gays" trope. the cast is white as hell... kind of like the first movie admittedly but ghhhhh. it didn't make me feel very good since i'm on the lgbt spectrum thingy and i'm not white either. 

also please god i can't fucking believe they threw a forced romance at goldblum at the age of 63. id compare it to claire/owen from jurassic world but the thing with that is that they had actually spent time together in the movie and talked to each other. also goldblum/gainsboruough (spelling) wasn't nearly as hostile as that pairing. there's no winning. am i jealous... yeah i'll admit that but holy jeez what happened to constance from the first movie and why did we take a step back from how their relationship was (re)started....?

i still watched it three times in theatres oh my god...
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