Jun. 18th, 2016

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title: Toast
fandom: Markiplier
pairing: N/A
rating/warnings: G , N/A
genre: Humor
notes: i wrote this a while ago, like back before i started writing again semi-regularly, and it's really rough.

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title: Blue Moon Motel
fandom: Markiplier
pairing: (Platonic/Possibly Romantic) Mark/Reader
rating/warnings: G, N/A
genre: friendship , fluff, reader insert
notes: i don't really write reader inserts? i find it very hard to do so, so i rarely do it. this is fairly old and was named after a Nicole Dollanganger song... that is nothing like this fic omg. anyway, this fic is very rough and very short. probably because i wrote it at 4 AM on my phone, hahhaha. maybe one day i'll get around to writing something longer and more involved.

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er... admittedly, this is probably my 80000th online persona. i'll probably only put on this persona in the youtube and tgwtg communities i think :'). of course, i'll freely give out my main main tumblr, ao3 and skype to people privately if they ask and we've talked for a bit haha...

anyway, i'm fleur for the time being! i prefer they/them pronouns, i identify as genderfluid/flux (agender/(demi)female/(demi)male/androgynous) and i hope that's not cringy or confusing. i'm first nations (native american) and from canada, i'm trying my best to get over years of internalized racism and wanting to become closer with my "culture". it's kind of hard as my hometown never really had that much of a connection, thanks to the Anglican church and my family never really... doing anything. i hope that i can one day understand what the elders and my older family members say ahaha...

i'm honestly dealing with my mental health and my lack of an identity? please be patient with me. i'm seeing a counsellor and it's been helping me a lot!

onto less heavy stuff! i really like jjba, jurassic park, the grand budapest hotel, persona 3/4, and JEFF GOLDBLUM!!! besides jurassic park and gbh, my favorite movies with him are the big chill and earth girls are easy!! he really helps me out with bad feelings and honestly inspires me to write (lmfao like my muse) and just to do something i love in general...

i really, really like making ocs!! i might talk about them here, even though i talk about them on my main stuff...pfff... but, hopefully you guys will thnk they're alright!

i also really like markiplier! he's really handsome and cute and he seems like a genuinely nice and caring man. his videos also helped me a lot when i was dealing with a lot of mental health stuff and with a toxic friendship ending. i watch game grumps as well, though i'm not subbed to them because... they upload so much it floods my YT feed :').

ahhh, i was also really into TGWTG but left the fandom because of personal issues. those issues being that i got really fucking gross about linkara and i was RIGHTFULLY called out!! i forced myself to stop liking him and i couldn't really enjoy his videos because of my old feelings (now i just cant because his storylines kind of...embarrass me, haha :'). and it's been so fuckin long, my dude). i'm watching NC again and really liking it a lot more than his older stuff? he's seemed to calm down quite a bit and doesn't seem as screechy, he seems a lot more fair and critical in the sense that he analyses media and backs it up other than... "THIS IS ASS". i'm also still a big fan of Suede, aahhhhahah... my guilty otp is still linkara/suede :') ((maybe that was a hint but who knows))


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