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I know that I just started this account but I thought it might be a good idea to try to start this a head of time! I'll add any possible AUs I create along with future fandoms later on!

My writing tag is fleur writes!


Toast - Gen, Humor. Mark has a really tough morning.

Blue Moon Motel - Reader + Mark, Fluff. Reader reflects on their friendship with Mark.

It Could've Been Worse - Reader/""Darkiplier"", Darkfic. Reader breaks up with Mark, he's unhappy about that.

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 i'm currently out of town at the moment and my laptop hasn't been behaving at all here, so i haven't had the chance to really update. i'm trying to write my "main" stuff outside of this persona, they're both jurassic park related :'). i found some markiplier stuff i did start waaaaay back when, i can tell that this one was written for myself because of all the tropes i use that really appeal to me :'). i dunno if i should post it though? i'll give it more thought.

i saw id4r and was disappointed? like i knew it wasn't going to be a GOOD movie, i was just hoping that it'd at least be as fun as the first movie. it wasn't, ahhaha... mr. goldblum was beautiful and hot but i couldn't help but think "WAS DAVID LEVINSON ALWAYS KIND OF AN ASSHOLE?". dr. okun and dr. isaacs are great i love them so much!! i thought there'd be more focus on dylan (will smith's character's son), because holy shit he was one of the more "leading" character's son? i knew that there would be focus on jake, liam hemsworth's character, but oh my fucking god. if there's people complaining about how patricia is a mary sue or some shit, i'm gonna point at jake and go "UM."

id4 spoilers )


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